The persons behind Mikä-Art

Juho ja Annu

Our roads crossed in metal artisan school when we were both learning the arts of blacksmiths. From there on we have been together. After the metal artesan studies Annu went to study visual arts in Pekka Halonen academy. Juho noticed that his interests were elsewhere and studied as a forestry engineer. Juho worked as a forestry engineer in Espoo city after graduation for almost three years. During this time Annu continued her studies for visual artist in university of applied sciences in Imatra. After her studies Annu has done different works in the art field. She has founded a children's art club Taikkari with her kollega and done with it also a community art project in Nivala day care centres. She has also worked as a mobile artist in Helsinki day care centres and parks, fulfilling different kind of art workshops and community art projects. The next big job for her is in Turku new center hospitals public art project. She will create an ensemble of several sculptures in the new hospitals panorama-room. The artwork will be finished in 2021.

We have been together almost eleven years. Before we haven't really thought that we would work together, because we both have had our own paths. Our co-existence has always been very efficient and so Annu got an insight that we could found a business together. Time was right to create something new, because Juho wanted to change his occupation. Thing clarified quickly and we wondered why we haven't figured out this before. Annu has has been thinking about why it is so hard to sell art since beginning of her career and she has heard from many people that it is hard to find a place where to sell art. Also Fiskars was looking for new entrepreneurs. Fiskars has been an important place for Annu since she was a child, but she newer had thought that she could start a business there. That is the way things go some times, pieces of the puzzle just click to right places.

We have noticed that our co-operation with work related stuff really works, because our know-how divides very good. Juho knows about the economy and technical things and Annu has artistic creativity and knowledge about art. We believe that this will be an interesting and invigorating experience.

So was Mika-Art born. Enter with us to Mikä-Art.

Annu Mikkilä Juho Ikäheimo