Mikä-Art is an intermediary of Finnish modern art, a shop that is also selling Finnish art and a webshop. Sculptures, graphic art, visual art, art jewellery and artistic photos. We will also sell art-related merchandise.

Mikä-Art is a shop where you can easily buy Finnish art to your home, business or as a gift. The customers can see the works of many artists and take the artworks with them.

Our shop is located in the culturally rich Fiskars village, in which there are many people from different artisan professions and artists. There will be many people visiting Fiskars who love art, culture and nature. All of this just an hours drive away from Helsinki and Turku.


A call for artists

Is your artwork looking for a new home? Now there is a new change to sell your art in the gorgeous cultural environment of Fiskars.

We are looking for artist who are residing in Finland to sell their art in Mikä-Art store and webstore. We are looking to bring together the sellers and buyers of art. Our store will have artwork from various artists on display. The artworks can be all kind of visual art, from paintings to art jewellery and from graphic art to sculptures. Additionally we are looking for other merchandise to be sold, as: postcards, books, posters, comics.

If you got interested and want to know more, just click the "call for artists" button in the index